Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a new angle on ass kickin'

i shortened one stilt by 2.5 inches and added a bend to take the excessive pressure off the ankle. i also stopped testing with bungie cords and started using straps that don't stretch. ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. i bought a bunch of cable and bungies to try both. cable wins. i can still fit this new configuration into the overall design. shit's looking up. the eye bolt you see at the heel of the shoe( or at least that extra metal to the right of it) will have to be reworked. that's pushing it in terms of still fitting it into the Elite's ankle.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

one step closer to scaring the dogs

almost there. i'll make the other upper tomorrow and both will have another piece that rests on the thigh. i'll attach the bungie tendons to that. and those will attach just behind the heel. a few straps and some cushioning, and one more foot portion will keep the foot stable.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

one ugly mother...

i'm making an elite ranger of Halo Reach fame as a costume.
i drew a lifesize likeness around my traced silouhette. not quiet life sized. i should be a lil over 8 feet tall but i'm about 7'4" in this which is pretty imposing. i didn't want it to get too bulky- i was more worried about proportions. i got the toy for my birthday so i'm using that as a go by. also i can use Reach's/xbox's cool theater feature to take screen shots from all angles of the ingame version. which will be really helpful. the green metal bits ( fence posts)are the main parts of the digitigrade stilts i'm building- my take on another design. i need a new camera and will retake pictures later as it progresses. a trip to tractor supply will give me the final bits of hard ware to hold this together.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

giving the finger to springs and cables

fingers for a "possible " Halo Elite costume. the inner workings anyway. the top is aluminum but i wanted one that didn't rely so much on springs , cables, etc. the plastic one will need one spring and will probably be eventually made of metal. MAYBE Joey, i'll have a costume for dragoncon this year