Monday, September 9, 2013


I invented heels. Great

. I can walk so that's good
Feet for wrex. Covered later in fiberglass

Armature for dummyf. 


Super depressing having to bulk out your beer gut

Hot damn let's dance

Back plate to anchor hump too. Epoxied, hot glued , and tied down

Glued up


Still lite

Eva hips/ upper thighz

Hump reinforced with 2 part urethane foam and card board

Big boi

Cut gaps to correct shape

Hot glued and pulled string tight aorund shape to seal it closed

Unfolded foam for footsies

Hinged toes.

Starting to feel it...

The legs were pissing me off so i worked on the chest this weekend

Beginning to look a lot like wrex-mas

I threaded the foam to the wood "sole" to also have a physical connection with the hot glue. I'll fill the void with soft can foam 

Spring added to toes. After they broke the first time i decided to make them more durable / flexible

I made some tools to form a radius on the edge of the eva using caulk. Works well enough. 

Forearms. Meh . The back sides are super lumpy. Trying to get the convexity of the lower sucked

Frame for wrex head.. Being a pack rat means 2x4s are always about

The under bits for wrex head. 

Square on the chin

Wrex head with coat of epoxy to promote clay adhesion to "dry" cardboard. In theory.  The clay is plastilina melted down with some wax added to stiffen it up

Not bad for a couple hrs work. Back to it!

More clay. I'm beat. Tomorrow i'll get it all covered

 I've been smoothing it with felt and rubbing alcohol and a lil goo gone. Still bumpy in the wrong way. But getting there

Some of the proportional issues are coming out. Oh well . The face is looking better

Ok so some of my images have magically disappeared . Damn. Oh well. Here is a shoulder part with green styrene foam edges i can sand to a nice edge

Retook thos pic of wrex head covered in brush-on 35 mold rubber. 

Mother mold in progress . I have to finish this weekend and see if everything worked


A little too jagged on the front of the orange piece but it will work

Shoulder strap attachment doodads. I'm going to make a rubber mold so i can produce the 12 i need. 3 different sizes 

Here's a strap clip ? Detail in sculpey. I'll cook it then sand it down . I need 10 or so of these small guys. Also the brass bolt head  will be added later. I need a bunch of those all over

One relatively good rubber mold. If filled with water, big enough for a baby to paddle a watermelon around and not touch the sides. Despite 5 coats of rubber there are stil 4-6 tiny holes and several thin spots. F#ck me.

 I had to destroy him from the inside out due to the mother mold being a lil b*tch. All that's left is this horn...

...two eyes and 10 lbs of clay.....

...two garbage bags worth of card boatd and foam....

...and oddly enough his entire beepin' jaw and mouth. So wierd ... I'm exhausted.

Castin is fun! 

Some issues with the mold. If you are going to use rondo as a mother mold material, use the heck outta the release agent. I barely got this out. Huge bubbles on one side. I can fix it but that was avoidable. I'm doing the latex now. Taking my time so the first detail coat dries properly.

Shoulder straps . Ornamental only. To wrap the eva around the ends, i had to hot glue a plastic half circle so the paper wouldnt buckle

I accidentally erased my clay version photos. This guy doesnt exist anymore. That was stressfull 

Clown armor. I featherd down the edges to the grey eva wieh layers of thin stuff. I used rope as edges for a nice uniform radius

Clay detail area for forearm parts.  I made a stamp. I'll use a similar technique fot the under suit if time permits

Stamp forabove clay bumps. I sculpted one , made the world's tiniest mold box, then poured resin in

Latexing gauze strips in place to wrap around the frame and form a gauze/latex tube to keep the head on the frame

Latex neck/ face urethane resin forehead reinforced with foam . Really light, just a few icanlivewith casting errors

my crew at dragoncon 2014

so much mass effect packed in one photo

 photo by Shinboku Studios

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