Friday, April 3, 2015

man handles : A GOT genderbender

a friend of mine is doing a gender swapped costume from
game of thrones. the guy has naked babe handles . my friend wants
naked dude grips. this is the aluminum foil beginnings

i'm using chavant cm50 to sculpt . it's a little hard but
i've never used it despite having bought it years ago.
thought i'd give it a go

current progress . if you want to realize how little you know of anatomy sculpt a
person.. it can be stylized but still . oh well this is still early on.
if i die i want Joey to tell everyone why my iPad has "male model" in
safari image search

i hope tomorrow to start a face and clean up dem hands
any likeness to actual people purely coincidental ....
the top half of the dagger handle.
i cast two then cut them in half

the finished sword handle. the grey is freeform sculpt.
i had a bear of a time. the humidity ruined two casts before this one.
i had to use a fast setting resin . the people at Reynolds Advanced materials
in charlotte are great

the two legs ready for molds. the paper will form the split
in the latex mold

cast legs. i inserted looped wire right as the resin gelled.the two
holes in the bottom of the resin torso receive the loops.
legos, people : legos

leg molds. hydrocal 2 part mother molds.
latex shrinks in time so it's really  only good for short run casting.

Darth Rachel did an amazing job finishing these
I think she used worbla for the blades

Sunday, March 15, 2015

concept drawings throughout the years

I used to draw all the time for the sake of drawing.
now i just draw to figure out a 3d problem. i guess i was always trying to do
that though.

this one i actually tried to sculpt.

the one on the right is the set of "the Patriot"
the guy on the right is from museum of york county